The following documents are required for admission application, and you may send them to our email :

After receiving all the documents, we will issue an acceptance letter for you. With this letter and other required documents, you can apply for a visa to Taiwan in a Taiwan representative office in your country.

Vietnamese applicants also have to hand in the following two documents:
a. Diploma of the highest degree and transcripts for all semesters (need to be translated into Mandarin or English)
b. Certificate of Language Proficiency Test as follows: 1) TOCFLTest for at least Level 1(Band A), 2) TOEFL Test (iBT) for at least 18 points, (pBT) for at least 340 points, 3) TOEIC for at least 300 points, 4) IELTS for at least 2.5 points.

*If all available places are taken, we will stop accepting applications.
Students must receive admission letter(Letter of Acceptance) to make sure the application is accepted and completed.

Please Note: According to Article 12 of Statute Governing Issuance of ROC Visa in Foreign Passports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the R.O.C. or ROC overseas missions are not required to give any reason to a visa applicant for refusal.


Students Requirements



Our registration is a rolling process with no set deadline before the quarter starts. However if you need a visa through our Chinese Language Center, then you should leave approximately 4-6 weeks for the application process. You will need our Original Admission Approval Letter to apply for your visa and this takes time to prepare and post.

The application is easy. Just submit the documents below to us via email:

Feng Chia University Chinese Language Center

Application Documents

We will process your application for an Admission Letter when all the documents listed below are received.

The actual registration period starts one week prior to the start of the term. You must then register in person at the Chinese Language Center office, with your passport.

When you have time, have a look at these documents:

You will be officially registered as a student of the Chinese Language Center after you have paid the tuition fee at the office. And, the office will issue your Student ID by the 20th of that month, and this will give you access to all Feng Chia University facilities.

You will also be asked to enter your personal information into our system, which will allow us to contact you or your close relation in case of an emergency. While registering, you will receive information on the courses, an academic calendar for that quarter and if necessary also assistance in finding accommodation.

Tuition Fees

Best Value


Payment & Refunds


Our single-term tuition fee remains the most economical school in Taiwan and it only gets cheaper when a student decides to study and remain at our Chinese Language Center uninterruptedly for 6, 9 or 12 months at a time. The long-term payment plans not only save on your wallet, it is also more convenient for your visa and ARC extensions.

Tuition includes 15 hours of classes per week.

*Learning materials or textbooks must be purchased separately. The approximate amount for one term may be NT$600-1,000 per term.
*Current students who pay one month before the tuition deadline will get a NT$500 discount.

Tuition Comparison

The price of tuition at FCU is economical. Just to quote the examples of other language centers in Taiwan:

Insurance for New Students and Non-ARC Holders

Health insurance is an integral part of the tuition that you pay. When registering and paying your tuition, you will pay an additional NT$ 870 premium for three months of health insurance as stipulated by law. The Chinese Language Center will issue an Insurance Card about one month after the first registration. Students will be notified by their regired course teacher when the cards are ready.

Insurance covers accidents occurred in the Taiwan area. Accidents or sicknesses requiring specialized medical care or occurred before obtaining insurance will not be covered.

Information is provided in accordance with The Medical Insurance Against Accidents & Sickness for Overseas Chinese Students of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission (OCAC).

The OCAC is the policyholder and the current insurer is Transglobe Life Insurance Co., Ltd. For further information, contact the Transglobe Life office at: 0800-000-662.

Any student registered at the Chinese Language Center is required to purchase insurance and observe the contract between the OCAC and the insurer unless the student is already insured under a government policy.

Outpatient and Hospitalization Insurance Policy

When visiting a doctor or hospital, the student needs to pay expenses for outpatient care. Afterward, the student is to make a claim for reimbursement from the insurance company by filling out a voucher. However, the hospital registration fee and a portion of the consultation fee are not refundable. Make sure you keep all billings and receipts!

This medical insurance covers treatment for sickness or injury. The insurance company covers only one visit per day for the same symptoms.

The maximum coverage per visit is NT $1,000, but does not include the following:

The insurance covers the following:

The insurance does not cover the following:

Vouchers can be obtained from the Chinese Language Center. For outpatient care, the student needs to be prepared to pay costs at the time of service. Afterward, student should claim refunds by providing the voucher with the clinic doctor's signature and the itemized receipt to Transglobe Life.

In an emergency situation, the student who is treated at a non-designated hospital must pay the expenses first. Afterward, the student should file a claim for reimbursement with the receipt. In case of emergency hospitalization, one should try to receive treatment from hospitals specified by the insurance company. If not, one should transfer to a specified hospital as soon as his/her condition has stabilized. After checking out of the hospital, one is required to bring both the receipt and the doctor's report when applying for reimbursement. Should the insurance company decide that treatment at a non-designated hospital is unnecessary, one will not be reimbursed.

So, each registering student is automatically covered by the Transglobe Life Medical Insurance Against Accidents & Sickness for the first three months of his/her study period, and extend it when paying for their 2nd term. It is strongly advised that students renew their insurance for a 3rd time so that these two months will have coverage. Unfortunately, there are no short term types of insurance available in Taiwan at this moment.

Period of insurance:
Spring Term: Mar.16-Jun. 15
Summer Term: Jun.16-Sep. 15
Fall Term: Sep.16- Dec. 15
Winter Term: Dec.16- Mar.15

How to Pay Your Tuition

To pay the tuition fee, you need to get a payment sheet at the office, and pay in cash at a convinience store.
We recommend bringing US dollars or Euros to exchange. Most large banks also accept traveler's checks which is a safer method to carry money around.

If you have a debit/credit card, please confirm with your bank whether you can withdraw money in Taiwan and other international locations.

Refund Policy

Students that have already paid tuition but can no longer continue their studies may apply for a refund, in accordance with the refund policy set by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. When applying, students must include a formal letter of explanation, in English or Mandarin.

The refund policy set by the Ministry of Education is as follows:

Please note that strict attendance policies apply. Excessive unexcused absence will result in required withdrawal from the program without a refund. Students who have accumulated absences in excess of a quarter (1/4) of their course load will not be granted permission to continue their studies for the next term. All fees paid in advance for among others tuition, insurance, etc. will be forfeited. Such fees will under no circumstance be refundable or transferable and the student will be required to withdraw from the program.


Huayu Enrichment Scholarship

TOCFL Scholarship

Chinese Language Center Scholarship


You can apply for the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship and other MOE scholarships through your local Taipei Economic and Cultural Center. A number of countries have established special educational cooperation agreements with the ROC Ministry of Education and provide a monthly stipend of NT$ 25,000. A student selected for this award is responsible for all tuition fees, housing, health insurance, travel costs and any other fees or/and expenses. You can contact the ROCembassy or representative office in your country for more information. The deadline for applying for those scholarships are March 31st each year. For more information visit Study in Taiwan.

In order to encourage our students to advance their Chinese ability and to take Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language(TOCFL) to assess their Chinese proficiency. We offer TOCFL Scholarship.

Scholarship Amount: NT$ 3,000/person

Application Documents:

The Chinese Language Center offers scholarships to students who have studied here for two full terms and displayed outstanding academic records.

To begin with, students who wish to apply for the Center's scholarship must meet the qualifications below:

The total number of scholarships per term is either 1 or 2 or 3, depending on the total number of students of the term. The amount of each scholarship is NT$10,000 for a period of 3 months.

Although new students are not able to apply, we encourage you to keep in mind of the criteria and plan ahead to put yourself in the best position to receive a scholarship.

Please refer to the scholarship criteria (PDF).
The application form is available in the office.

Student Visa

Student Visa

Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)


Visa Application

Most of our students will apply for Visitor Visa for Studying Chinese Purpose to come to Taiwan.

With the Admission Approval Letter that the Chinese Language Center will forward to you once your application has been approved, you should go to the nearest Republic of China embassy, consulate or representative office in order to apply for an extendable visitor's visa that allows you to enter Taiwan. Without the letter, you will not obtain the proper visa since the Chinese language center's name needs to be printed in the 'Remarks' section of the visa.

For an extensive list of consulates, embassies and representative offices abroad, visit the Contacts section.

You will also need a passport that is valid for at least six more months, a recent passport picture and an application form.

Please note that a separate visa is required for a spouse and/or other dependents accompanying you, and they may be asked to provide an Affidavit of Support.

Check this with the embassy or representative office that is handling your visa application. On the visa application form, also note the following:

Your visa will look similar to the picture below. However, you must ensure that your visa is an extendable visitor visa of 60/90 days, including a note on your visa stating you will be a student here at our Chinese Language Center. This way you will not need to leave the country within a month or two. The correct note, depending on the country you apply in, will likely be written in Mandarin in the Remarks section, marked by the blue 6 below.

You do not want a non-extendable visitor visa limited to 30 days (landing visa) or 60 days (visitor visa).

The example below is clearly non-extendable because of the NO EXTENSION written in the Duration of Stay section, marked by the green 3 below. If you come on a non-extendable visa, and decide to stay to pursue language studies later on, you will have to leave the country to apply for the proper extendable visa. You will not be able to change your visa status while in Taiwan. An extendable visa will likely only state 60 days without mentioning NO EXTENSION in the Duration of Stay section.

Please be advised that if you come to Taiwan much earlier than the beginning of classes, there may be a concern regarding your visa extension. Ideally, you should arrive in Taiwan somewhere between the 1st and the 5th of the month that your term starts.

While you look through our extensive explanation of your visa application, here's a flow chart of the visa application to go along with.

Visa Extension

It is each student's responsibility to contact the Language Center Office at least 10 days prior to the expiration date of his/her visa so as to enable us to prepare the necessary documents for visa extension.

While studying at the Chinese Language Center it is important to check your visa regularly to ensure that you don't overstay. An easy way to do this is to verify your entry date and add 60 days(or 90 days) to that date. If you have forgotten the exact entry date, check the date on the yellow embarkation paper in your passport or find the immigration stamp on one of the pages in your passport. Don't confuse this with the validity date of your visa, the latter simply means the last date you can use your visa to enter the country. The Chinese Language Center cannot be held responsible for any loss of money or any other inconveniences and problems that arise from failing to extend one's visa, neither is it our task to inform you when you need to extend your visa.

You have to apply for extension within ten days prior to the expiration of the visitor visa. You will have to fill out a form for an Enrollment and Attendance Certificate and allow at least one working day for your documents to be prepared. With the Enrollment and Attendance Certificate, issued by the Chinese Language Center Office, you will be able to get up to two extensions. Each extension will add another 60/90 days to your visa, if payment for the next term has been made.

Since your first and foremost identity is that of a student, it is imperative that you attend classes regularly. Students who skip class and are not serious about learning Mandarin will not receive the necessary documents for visa extension. Our attendance policy is quite strict, by which arriving in class later than 15 minutes will be regarded as tardy and the student will be registered as absent.

Since holders of a visitor visa are confronted with a number of inconveniences, you may want to convert your Visitor Visa into an Alien Resident Certificate or ARC after four months of consecutive study (government prerequisite for application). It is important, however, not to forget to apply for an extension on your current visitor visa while the ARC is being processed.

If you are a recipient of a Special Ministry of Education Scholarship and you have been issued a resident visa to enter Taiwan, you must apply for your ARC within 14 days of your arrival in Taiwan; otherwise there will be a fine incurred or other obstacles to manage, including a possible trip abroad to reapply for a new resident visa.

The same thing as for visa extensions applies here: it is the student's personal responsibility to contact the Chinese Language Center office ahead of time to prepare an Enrollment and Attendance Certificate and Transcript which will enable you to apply for an ARC.