Getting Here 交通方式


Getting Here 交通方式

From the Airport

Exploring Taichung


From the Airport

You will normally arrive at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Taoyuan, 43 kilometers southwest of the capital, Taipei and a 2 hour bus ride to Taichung.

From the airport, we recommend you taking city buses (ex: Ubus 統聯客運) available at the airport.
The closest stop to our university is Chao Ma station. From there, you can take a short taxi ride to our main gate.

By taking metro and high speed rail, you can also reach to Taichung.

The airport's website also has details on fares and where to take these buses.

Getting To Our Office

The Chinese Division is located on the fourth floor of the Second Administration Building. We are the second building on your right, when you enter the campus from the main gate.

Exploring Taichung

Dubbed as the cultural city of Taiwan, Taichung is the third largest city in Taiwan. With a blend of modern development and traditional aspects of Taiwanese lifestyle, Taichung offers a laid-back and friendly atmosphere with benefits and conveniences of city life.

Centrally located in Taiwan, your travel destination is never too far away. When you want to experience the mountains, you head for the Central Cross-Island Highway or in half an hour you are hiking in Dakeng, just outside the city limits. If you want to witness traditional culture, the historic village of Lugang is your best bet. Other tourist spots in the area are Sun Moon Lake, the Xitou bamboo forest or the several hot springs in the Central Mountain Range, just to name a few.


Taichung is generally regarded as having one of the most agreeable climates all throughout the year. It's not as muggy and hot as the south in summer and is entirely different from Taipei with its seemingly eternal drizzle, its bone chilling winters and oppressively hot summers. Besides that, Taichung is rarely hit by typhoons and there are comparatively few rainy days.

Annual average temperature:22.8°C (73.04°F)
Annual average rainfall: about 1600 mm
Average humidity: 79%

For weekly forecasts, you can check the Central Weather Bureau's website.

Transportation in Taichung

Unlike other major cities, Taichung does not have any rapid transit systems but rather rely on traditional modes of transportation. Taichung's city bus system has improved over the last couple years with more routes provided and reliable time schedules. Scooters are by far the preferred way to get around in Taichung as it is convenient and efficient when it comes to taking shortcuts and finding parking.