Working 工作


Students holding a visa sponsored by Feng Chia University Chinese Language Division are NOT permitted to work in their first year of study. When they are found to be working illegally, they will be deported.

In recent years the government has taken steps to crack down on foreign nationals working without a work permit. This has affected students working as English teachers while pursuing their Chinese studies.

Students who have studied at the FCU Language Center for a minimum of twelve months continuously and have shown excellent academic progress may apply for a work permit from the Ministry of Education. They may then work up to a maximum of twelve hours per week.

Students without a work permit are forbidden to work at any job, including language teaching or part-time jobs. For more information, please download the full text of the Regulations Governing Foreign Student Work Permits and Employment.

Working Holiday

Students holding Working Holiday visa are allowed to work in Taiwan.
For more detailed information about Taiwan Working Holiday Program, please visit Taiwan Working Holiday Website