Testimonials 推薦感言


Testimonials 推薦感言

Our students come from all over the world and some have left behind their experience here at the Language Center. Click on the pins to read comments from each country.














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Emma Linton 艾瑪

“ Level 1 (March 2008) ”

Being a student at the Language Center at Feng Chia is an absolutely amazing experience! Coming over from Australia to live in Taiwan was a massive change, but the staff at the LC were with me every step of the way.

From arranging accommodation to getting you settled into the Taiwanese way of life, the staff go out of their way to welcome you, and make everything as easy and painless as possible. I don't think I ever heard anyone utter the word \"no' during my time there! Tom, April, Migo and the gang are friendly, approachable, amazing people that I feel really lucky to have met.

As for studying the Chinese language, the teachers involved in the language program are dedicated, patient and always ready to have a laugh. Despite the early mornings, every teacher came to class with a smile (and in some cases, even a pot of tea to share around!) The language center also gives you the opportunity to met other students who are in the same situation as you, studying this incredible language in a country far from home. I know I definitely made friends for life whilst I was a student at the LC.

I would (and do) recommend studying at the Language Center – I have yet to hear anyone with complaints about their experience there. Since returning to my home country, I have not been able to stop talking about my amazing experience, and I hope that anyone who is considering studying Chinese will go and experience it for themselves! A huge thanks to everyone at the Language Center; you made my life so much easier whilst I was in Taiwan!

Sheldon Wu 吳恩廷

“ Level 6 (January 2008) ”

Recently I've just finished a three month course studying Mandarin Chinese at Feng Chia University Language Center. The experience and time spent there is something I will never forget. From the friendly staff working there to the students you meet, everyone is just so friendly and nice. The learning environment is somewhat different than what you would normally expect. You have students coming from different countries and as you gradually become friends with them, you also learn about their cultural backgrounds. The teachers and student ratio is also pretty good in that the classes are not too big, so if you have any problems the teachers are always there to help. The best thing about studying at Feng Chia University is the night market of course. It's a good place to practice the Chinese that you've learnt to good use and there is just so much stuff there from clothes to food…mmm food. Oh yeah and of course you got to check out the Feng Chia University facilities especially the gym….gotta lose the weight you're putting on from all the food you've eaten. Haha. Overall the experience at Feng Chia University is something I highly recommend to anyone who wishes to study Chinese in Taiwan, as well as experience what Taiwanese culture is really like.