Tuition Fees 學費


Tuition Fees 學費

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Our single-term tuition fee remains the most economical school in Taiwan and it only gets cheaper when a student decides to study and remain at our Chinese Language Center uninterruptedly for 6, 9 or 12 months at a time. The long-term payment plans not only save on your wallet, it is also more convenient for your visa and ARC extensions.

Tuition includes 15 hours of classes per week.

*Learning materials or textbooks must be purchased separately. The approximate amount for one term may be NT$600-1,000 per term.
*Current students who pay one month before the tuition deadline will get a NT$500 discount.

Tuition Comparison

The price of tuition at FCU is economical. Just to quote the examples of other language centers in Taiwan:

Insurance for New Students and Non-ARC Holders

Health insurance is an integral part of the tuition that you pay. When registering and paying your tuition, you will pay an additional NT$ 870 premium for three months of health insurance as stipulated by law. The Chinese Language Center will issue an Insurance Card about one month after the first registration. Students will be notified by their regired course teacher when the cards are ready.

Insurance covers accidents occurred in the Taiwan area. Accidents or sicknesses requiring specialized medical care or occurred before obtaining insurance will not be covered.

Information is provided in accordance with The Medical Insurance Against Accidents & Sickness for Overseas Chinese Students of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission (OCAC).

The OCAC is the policyholder and the current insurer is Transglobe Life Insurance Co., Ltd. For further information, contact the Transglobe Life office at: 0800-000-662.

Any student registered at the Chinese Language Center is required to purchase insurance and observe the contract between the OCAC and the insurer unless the student is already insured under a government policy.

Outpatient and Hospitalization Insurance Policy

When visiting a doctor or hospital, the student needs to pay expenses for outpatient care. Afterward, the student is to make a claim for reimbursement from the insurance company by filling out a voucher. However, the hospital registration fee and a portion of the consultation fee are not refundable. Make sure you keep all billings and receipts!

This medical insurance covers treatment for sickness or injury. The insurance company covers only one visit per day for the same symptoms.

The maximum coverage per visit is NT $1,000, but does not include the following:

The insurance covers the following:

The insurance does not cover the following:

Vouchers can be obtained from the Chinese Language Center. For outpatient care, the student needs to be prepared to pay costs at the time of service. Afterward, student should claim refunds by providing the voucher with the clinic doctor's signature and the itemized receipt to Transglobe Life.

In an emergency situation, the student who is treated at a non-designated hospital must pay the expenses first. Afterward, the student should file a claim for reimbursement with the receipt. In case of emergency hospitalization, one should try to receive treatment from hospitals specified by the insurance company. If not, one should transfer to a specified hospital as soon as his/her condition has stabilized. After checking out of the hospital, one is required to bring both the receipt and the doctor's report when applying for reimbursement. Should the insurance company decide that treatment at a non-designated hospital is unnecessary, one will not be reimbursed.

So, each registering student is automatically covered by the Transglobe Life Medical Insurance Against Accidents & Sickness for the first three months of his/her study period, and extend it when paying for their 2nd term. It is strongly advised that students renew their insurance for a 3rd time so that these two months will have coverage. Unfortunately, there are no short term types of insurance available in Taiwan at this moment.

Period of insurance:
Spring Term: Mar.16-Jun. 15
Summer Term: Jun.16-Sep. 15
Fall Term: Sep.16- Dec. 15
Winter Term: Dec.16- Mar.15

How to Pay Your Tuition

To pay the tuition fee, you need to get a payment sheet at the office, and pay in cash at a convinience store.
We recommend bringing US dollars or Euros to exchange. Most large banks also accept traveler's checks which is a safer method to carry money around.

If you have a debit/credit card, please confirm with your bank whether you can withdraw money in Taiwan and other international locations.

Refund Policy

Students that have already paid tuition but can no longer continue their studies may apply for a refund, in accordance with the refund policy set by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. When applying, students must include a formal letter of explanation, in English or Mandarin.

The refund policy set by the Ministry of Education is as follows:

Please note that strict attendance policies apply. Excessive unexcused absence will result in required withdrawal from the program without a refund. Students who have accumulated absences in excess of a quarter (1/4) of their course load will not be granted permission to continue their studies for the next term. All fees paid in advance for among others tuition, insurance, etc. will be forfeited. Such fees will under no circumstance be refundable or transferable and the student will be required to withdraw from the program.